K9 Hero Pillow Project
K9 Hero Pillow Project
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Order a Pillow

Ordering a Pillow...

If you would like to request to have a K9 Hero Pillow done, you can contact me via email, dian@mousetrax.com or send me a message through my Facebook page at

I will work with you to try my best to make the pillow the way you would like it...with lettering and some decorations, if desired.


  Any Military, Police or Search & Rescue K9s who dies while still ACTIVE DUTY, I will do free of charge...WHEN I can receive confirmed contact information. Partners need only contact me at dian@mousetrax.com with details to order their free K9 Hero pillow to honor their K9 Hero. Donations and my own funds allow me to offer free Line of Duty Death pillows.

  Retired Military, Police and Search & Rescue K9s are $50. I do NOT charge for my time, I only try to cover some of my costs and priority shipping with $50 insurance.

 Your beloved dog doesn't need to be a true K9 Hero. I also make pillows of family dogs, which are $60. These charges cover some supplies and priority shipping with $50 insurance. I do NOT charge for my time. This is a labor of love!

Payment can easily be made online via my PayPal account.

Note that pillows do not have to be done only of K9s/family dogs who have passed. Many are tributes to living dogs.